We thrive to be as environmentally friendly as possible


Leave No Trace

What you bring into the park, leaves with you. 

Leave No Trace

Natural Soaps

Because of how the systems at the park operate we try to use only natural biodegradable soaps! Please bring your own environmentally friendly soaps when you come stay with us. 

But if you forget- we have some available for you! 

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We have local firewood available for purchase! Moving firewood spreads invasive species! 

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Are you using live bait?

Did you know that invasive crayfish and many species of fish are invading our waterways? Did you know that using live bait is a huge contributor to this? 

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Did you clean your boat?

You know those painful zebra mussels everyone hates stepping on while swimming? Did you know that they are spread by people not cleaning their boats when they travel from one water body to the next? 

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Check out this great site to learn more about invasive species!

Invading Species