Things to do at the Mississagi Lighthouse & Campground


Looking for a new great fishing spot? Come check out the Mississagi Straits! 

Lake Trout, Chinook Salmon, Pink Salmon, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Whitefish, and more. 


There are two boat launches on site. And the opportunity to dock your boat either in Boathouse Bay, on the east side of the property. Or right at some of the water front sites! 


There are many areas to enjoy a nice refreshing swim including a public pebble beach on the west side of the property. 


Enjoy many beautiful hiking trails criss crossing spectacular alvars, breath taking beaches, and incredible forests. 


Enjoy a picnic on one of our many picnic tables placed around the property! 

Spectacular Sunsets

You cant get a more spectacular sunset overlooking Lake Huron! Take a seat on the bench above the cliff- the furthest western point of Manitoulin Island- with a hot cup of tea and enjoy the spectacular views! 


Ever seen the dark sky? Wait till you see it here! You wont get a better view of our nights sky anywhere else!

Pack up your telescope and come and see the meteor showers, northern lights, shooting stars and much much more. 

Bird Watching

Due to the location in Lake Huron and on Manitoulin Island thousands of migratory birds stop for a rest on the shores every spring! It is a spectacular sight to see! 


Escape the hustle of everyday life at our beautiful wilderness campground.


Wander the halls of the Lighthouse Museum to see what life was like for a Lighthouse Keeper in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Explore the vast flora & fauna

Come and explore the vast species of the Mississagi, some of which are unique to Manitoulin Island.