We close on September 13th this year!

How do you make a cAmpsite reservation?

Reservation Deposit

A $31.50 deposit is required to secure your reservation. This is refundable up to 7 days prior to your check in date.  Your site will be held for 24 hours after your indicated time and date of arrival to accommodate late arrival. Your deposit and reservation will be forfeited if you have not arrived within aforementioned 24 hours. 

Reservation Deposit

We will do our best to accommodate everyone!

We will do our best to accommodate every request but please be aware that some modification may occur, especially if you are requesting specific campsites!

What is included in my camping fee?

Each campsite fee includes use of the property, museum, beach, washhouse, campers lodge with cooking appliances and all other amenities for four people (one family). Every additional person is $5.00 a day on top of regular fees.

Are pets allowed?

Dogs are welcome but must remain on leash at ALL times.

This is to ensure other camper's safety as well as your pets! This is a remote area and there is wildlife (including porcupines) on the property!

Be Safe!

This is a wilderness campground and as such we ask that you please exercise caution and safe practices while on site at all times! 

Rules & Regulations

Please be respectful of our campground! 

See all rules & regulations

Online Campsite Reservation Request Form

Reservation Request Form

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Mississagi Lighthouse & Campground

Mississagi Lighthouse Road, Manitoulin, Ontario, Canada

(249) 805- 9625


We are open every day from 10am to 8pm 

Download a Reservation Request Form

If you would prefer, you may download the reservation request form as a word document and email it directly to mississagilighthousecamping@gmail.com

Reservation Request Form (docx)